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Karen Greenbaum, CEO de la Asociación de Consultores de Búsquedas Ejecutivas y Liderazgo, en entrevista exclusiva con La Nación: ¿Cuántas empresas tienen mayoría de clientas, pero líderes hombres?


Los ejecutivos aptos para las posiciones más críticas tienen opciones porque son pocos. Por eso, si las empresas quieren atraerlos deben tener con qué. Los servicios de consultoría de liderazgo se están ampliando como consecuencia de la transformación digital y los nuevos liderazgos que acarrean. Estas son algunas de las conclusiones que transmitió Karen Greenbaum, CEO de la Asociación de Consultores de Búsquedas Ejecutivas y Liderazgo (AESC, por sus siglas en inglés) en su paso por la Argentina.

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Una mirada al futuro de nuestro negocio


Executive Talent2

La conferencia global de AESC (Association of Executive Search Consultants, para la cual tengo el honor de integrar el Consejo Consultivo para las Américas) tuvo lugar en New York en abril y fue una de las más interesantes a las que asistí.

Con más de 200 participantes, reunió a los socios de las firmas más importantes de nuestro sector alrededor del mundo; no solamente las consultoras internacionales sino las boutiques más prestigiosas de Executive Search en cada mercado.

Los conferencistas fueron de primer nivel: Alec Ross, ex Asesor de Tecnología e Innovación de Hillary Clinton mientras fue Secretaria de Estado, habló de las industrias del futuro, centrándose en la industria robótica y en los tremendos avances de los diagnósticos médicos; Robin Ferracone,

CEO de Farient Advisors y ex Presidente de Capital Humano de Mercer, habló sobre […]

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La Universidad de San Andrés busca rector para reemplazar a Carlos Rosenkrantz

La Universidad de San Andrés (UDESA) busca rector. Es que el jurista Carlos Rosenkrantz, designado por el Senado como ministro de la Corte Suprema, era el titular de esa alta casa de estudios privada fundada en 1989. Si bien estuvo de licencia durante este tiempo al ser nombrado como candidato por la Casa Rosada, ahora la institución formalizó la búsqueda amplia de quien vaya a hacerse cargo de la conducción de la entidad durante los próximos años. Mientras tanto Roberto Bouzas es Rector a cargo y se ocupa plena y diariamente de la conducción académica e institucional de la universidad.

La búsqueda será en conjunto con la consultora Valuar, miembro de Agilium Worldwide.

Para leer esta nota completa en la edición online: Click aquí

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Enemigo Público







Con el cambio de gobierno se abrió como nunca antes el libro de pases de talentos desde el sector privado hacia el público. Sofía Scagliotti, Gerente de Negocios Regional de Valuar, analiza el fenómeno y explica los desafíos que este cambio de paradigma implicó para los head hunters.

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Americas Meeting Agilium Worldwide – México 2016

Agilium Worldwide – Executive Search Group is holding its first plenary Americas meeting in Mexico City from 18 – 20 May and hosted by Xavier de Zamacona, Managing Partner of DezaSearch in Mexico and former Agilium Worldwide Chair.

17 particicipants from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Peru and USA plus current Chair, Pedro Nieto from Ellis & Partners, Spain will discuss closer cooperation, business development strategy and delivery excellence towards clients throughout the American continent and beyond to involve the Agilium Worldwide global group.

With the intervention of external speakers, they will also formulate how best to leverage social media to the advantage of both clients and candidates.

In addition, the meeting will host a panel of prestigious, international HR experts to give keener insight and advice as to what the business world really expects from a 21st century retained executive search consultancy.

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It has a small quarter pipe, pyramid ledge, regular ledge, and

June 20, 2019 08:21 PM IST Budget Trivia (Part I): Did you know which budget introduced different tax slabs for married and single Indians? Encompassing over 70 years of history of independent India, in our Budget Trivia series, we present to you some of the lesser known facts about the Budget processMay 17, 2019 08:23 AM IST Explainer Wealth creation: Why you must focus on investing as much as possible for the longer term The longer you let your money work hard, the more money you take home. If you keep investing your monthly commitment, you will walk away with a large sum.June 25, 2018 06:12 PM IST Budget Trivia (Part VI): I have the task to make something easy that Einstein found difficult said Jaswant Singh referring to which component of budget? Encompassing over 70 years of history of independent India, in our Budget Trivia series, we present to […]

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In her resignation letter to Trump

I had a meeting with the city council and the Mayor, Joe Anderson. The city will be holding a minute silence and it will come to a standstill at 3.06pm. The tunnels will be closed, buses will be stopped, the ferries will be [sounding] their horns and that just for one minute at 3.06pm. Army Corps of Engineers is not dredging the harbor this year due to budget cuts.Meanwhile, the Riverfront Development Corporation’s contract runs out at the end of October. The RDC was on one year contracts the last two years. The most recent one expired at the end of June days before the big Fourth of July fireworks show on the river so it was extended four months.

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But the show, known as “The Five Doctors”, was famously a

Next, in 2012, we heard about a 3 year old who required emergency surgery after swallowing 37 magnets!Unfortunately, when kids swallow more than one of the small, 5mm magnets, they can attract each other through the walls of the child intestine. And this is what happened to the little girl who swallowed 37 Buckyballs. She required emergency surgery to repair perforations in her stomach and intestines..

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David had been working as a security consultant for the French

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Seebach added that he had instructed his team to listen to the feedback delivered by owners of the original RS 7. They unanimously asked for a more practical car, so the fastback is available as a five seater with a three person bench seat. Those who liked the four seater configuration can still order it, however.

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If the contractors submit a bid lower than the costs stated in

Instructions for Making 3 Kinds of Hummus in 15 Minutes or LessThrow the chick peas, tahini, juice of 1/2 lemon, garlic and olive oil into a blender or food processor. Pulse it. Add more lemon if desired. The X 37B spaceplane sits on a runway at Vandenberg Air Force Base during prelaunch taxi tests. Air ForceThe US Air Force announced that the X 37B Orbital Test Vehicle, a miniature, unmanned space shuttle could return to Earth as soon as this Friday, December 3. It has been in Earth orbit for about nine months on a classified mission for the military.

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